Safety is our business

Risk Pilot help companies design and develop safe, secure and profitable operations, systems and products. We do this by working with customers to identify and analyse technical, organizational and financial risks to then produce an effective plan of action. Our expertise in the relevant legislation as well as our knowledge of the associated standards and industry practices help you to document your processes for the relevant authorities and third parties.

A full-service

Risk Pilot combines specialist engineering expertise with knowledge about how people and organizations behave and operate. This enables us to offer our services in areas that are affected by human factors. To get the best end result and to help you navigate through the process, we can offer services such as system design, cost optimization, quality control and project management.

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Services of Risk Pilot

Four offices
four cities

Risk Pilot set up in Stockholm in 2002. In the early years, we worked mainly with Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) for the nuclear power industry. As demand increased, we extender our services to new customers and industries. In 2008, we opened a branch in Malmö and, in 2011, one in Gothenburg. In 2013, we set up in Esbo, Finland. Today there are about 20 of us across the four offices. The company is owned by a number of people all of whom work for the company.