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  • 8 June 2018 Handbook of Safety Principles

    We are proud to announce that one of Risk Pilot’s specialists, Jan-Erik Holmberg, is one of the co-authors and editors to a new handbook in the field of safety, Handbook of Safety Principles. The book provides a review of the latest break-throughs with regards to theory, methods and applications in the field of safety and risk analysis. This is a good reference tool for engineer and decision-markers.


    The book is available as a print-copy or e-book at:

    Wiley (förlaget)



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  • 8 June 2018 Risk Pilot’s Stockholm office is getting reinforcement

    Since, 4th of June Risk Pilot’s Stockholm office has received reinforcement by Yehya Alazem. He will begin within the PSA-field at Forsmark.

    Yehya has a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with Physics with a focus on Nuclear Science and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology. After graduation, Yehya begun as an employee at FKA’s chemistry department. He then moved on as a consultant at ÅF, working with assignments towards FKA, OKG and SKB. He has also worked for the German MedTech company Eckert & Ziegler Bebig GmbH in Berlin.

    “Friday 26th of January, I walked in to Risk Pilot’s Stockholm office to have an unofficial meeting, I instantly got the feeling “ I want to work here”. I got an amazingly good feeling to be at the office. The knowledge, experience and social community could be felt both in the air and the walls. I am very much looking forward to work together with my new colleagues in the fields where Risk Pilot is a leading company.”

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  • 14 February 2018 Another colleague to our Gothenburg office

    Risk Pilot’s Gothenburg office has gained reinforcement by Fredrik Larsson in the field of risk management as well as verification and validation.

    Fredrik has a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics with a focus on nuclear power. He also holds a bachelor degree in business with a focus on industrial corporate and financial management. He has worked in the nuclear power industry since 2013 at OKG and with research studies at Chalmers University of Technology.

    We are glad to welcome Fredrik to the company!

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  • 6 November 2017 Risk Pilot is gaining reinforcement in HSE

    The Stockholm office has gained reinforcement in HSE (health, safety and environment). On the 6th of November Tomas Eriksson started at Risk Pilot with an assignment at a medical device company as EHS-coordinator.

    Tomas has extensive experience as both manager and coordinator and has mainly been working in the steel- and nuclear power industry.

    “I look forward to be working at Risk Pilot as my experience with HSE related risks contributes to create an even stronger Risk Pilot to help companies assess, map and minimise different forms of risks related to its operations.“

    We are happy to welcome Tomas to Risk Pilot!

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We welcome Urban Carlsson to our Gothenburg office

We are happy to welcome Urban Carlsson to Risk Pilot. Urban has worked in the nuclear power industry since 1982 with operations, operator training, safety reports and test operations etc.

Urban is an expert in SAT (Systematic Approach to Training), an approach to systematically identify training needs and produce the needed training.

Urban’s first assignment is at a medical device company as project manager.

”I look forward to work at Risk Pilot, as I prefer the more personal atmosphere at smaller companies. During the years I have gotten to known people at Risk Pilot and hope to get to know the rest of you soon. My view of Risk Pilot has changed as I first believed that its main and only field was PSA, but I have come to understand that you have deep knowledge in other fields. Finally, I look forward to help and transfer my knowledge and experience in PWR that I have gained during the years.” 

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Risk Pilot is expanding in Stockholm

Risk Pilot’s Stockholm office has gained reinforcement in the field of Safety Technology and Risk Management by Carl Eriksson.

Carl has a MSc in energy systems engineering, with a focus on nuclear power. For his master thesis, he performed an uncertainty analysis of PSA-results at OKG. Carl is also skilled in mathematics and will be a great contribution to our work.

A warm welcome to the company, Carl!

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Risk Pilot welcomes Anders Werneman

We wish a warm welcome to Anders Werneman to Risk Pilot. Anders will strengthen our team in System Safety, a team in growing development.

Anders has a MSc in electrical engineering and has through the years gained experiences in the role of project manager within industries such as defence, telecom and automotive. His expertise is within System Safety (currently participating in SIS work group 8 with among others the ISO 26262-serie), Project Management, System Design, SW & HW Development and Embedded Systems.

“I look forward to start at Risk Pilot because I want to make a difference. We are in a phase where a lot will happen in the automotive industry in the coming 10 years. I believe that Risk Pilot is sitting on a lot of the necessary competence that is otherwise missing and I would like to join their investment towards the autmotive industry.”


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New Employee at the Malmo Office

Risk Pilot's Malmö Office has gained reinforcement by Michaela Wikman in the field of risk management.

Michaela has studied Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Risk Management and Safety Engineering. During her studies, Michaela was also the Chairman of Lund Extreme Sports Society.

We are happy to welcome Michaela to the team!

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New Employee at the Malmo Office

Risk Pilot's Malmo Office has gained reinforcement by Oskar Fällman Karlsson in the field of risk management.

 Oskar is a civil engineer in Industrial Economics with a focus on product development, business and innovation. Oskar has previously worked on developing test systems at Baxter.

We are happy to welcome Oskar to the team!

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Netgroup Energy signs education agreement with Vattenfall!

NetGroup Energy is a supplier of technical consulting services to Vattenfall. In early September, Netgroup Energy has strengthened its position as supplier by supplementing a contract for training services in the field of Vattenfall Training.

In connection with this, Netgroup Energy has published its own education page on Vattenfall's intranet. Here, we present all the courses and programs Netgroup Energy offers. The education agreement extends until the end of 2018. We look forward to a successful co-operation!

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New Employee at the Gothenburg Office

Risk Pilot Gothenburg office has gained reinforcement by Thomas Fischer in the field of system construction.

Thomas has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Physics. Thomas has previously worked as product manager and technical project manager.

We are happy to welcome Thomas to the company!

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