Back 1 November 2017

We welcome Urban Carlsson to our Gothenburg office

We are happy to welcome Urban Carlsson to Risk Pilot. Urban has worked in the nuclear power industry since 1982 with operations, operator training, safety reports and test operations etc.

Urban is an expert in SAT (Systematic Approach to Training), an approach to systematically identify training needs and produce the needed training.

Urban’s first assignment is at a medical device company as project manager.

”I look forward to work at Risk Pilot, as I prefer the more personal atmosphere at smaller companies. During the years I have gotten to known people at Risk Pilot and hope to get to know the rest of you soon. My view of Risk Pilot has changed as I first believed that its main and only field was PSA, but I have come to understand that you have deep knowledge in other fields. Finally, I look forward to help and transfer my knowledge and experience in PWR that I have gained during the years.”