Risk Pilot’s expertise helps companies design and develop secure and profitable products or businesses. We have methods for identifying and managing risk, for optimizing reliability of design and for maximizing yield throughout the cycle from ideation to ultimate disposal. Our experience stretches over wide range of businesses and fields, and we possess specialist knowledge of relevant standards and industry practice.


Risk Pilot has many years of experience and a broad knowledge of all areas within risk management.

The highly skilled and qualified members of our consultancy staff (including Masters, Doctors and Professors) cover all the relevant engineering fields as well as Behavioral science and Psychology.

Risk Management has to comply with a raft of regulations, standards and guidelines all of which we are very well versed in:

  • Nuclear power
    • SSMFS 2008:17
    • NRC NUREG-series publications
    • ASME-ANS RA-Sa-2009
    • YVL-guide
  • Automotive
    • IEC61508
    • ISO26262
  • Medical devices
    • SS-EN-ISO 14971
  • Rail
    • SS-EN 50126 (RAMS)
  • • Municipalities and regional governments
    • MSB 2006:942

Risk Pilot’s services within Risk Management cover:

  • Qualitative risk analysis
    • HAZOP
    • FMEA
    • System-/Functional Safety
    • Deterministiska analyser / Scenarioanalyser
      • Safe Shutdown Aanalysis (SSA)
        • Fire
        • Pipe break
        • External Events
        • Security
      • Emissions analysis
    • Quantitative risk analysis
      • Fault Tree and Event Tree analysis
      • Human Reliability Analysis (HRA)
      • Statistics and Failure analysis
      • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
      • Individual risk (ISO Curve)
      • Societal risk (F-N Curve)
    • Probabilistic safety analysis (PSA/PRA)
      • Level 1, 2 and 3
      • LPSA applications
      • Risk-based decision-making
    • Safety Case (Säkerhetsredovisning)
      • Licensing
      • Experience from several fields, for example, SAR and STF in nuclear power..

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Systems Engineering aims to improve performance of complex technical systems during their lifetime by taking into account and integrating all aspects of the design.

The methods include system specification, design, configuration validation, reliability, risk management, maintenance and logistics for both complete installations and/or individual processes – from concept to finished product. Our undertaking also includes heading up and managing the design process and the system’s life cycle as well as the people who will be working with the system.

Risk Pilot’s services within Systems Engineering include:

  • Requirement Management
    • Compliance
    • Risk/Reliability/Availability
    • Cost/Profitability
  • System design
  • Planned maintenance
  • Control room design (human-system interface design)
  • Validation and verification



Enormous sums get invested in infrastructure projects such as railways, water and waste water networks, electricity supply networks, bridges, factories and research institutions. In order to maximize yield, they all need to ensure that they are optimizing operations and maintenance.

We have a lot of experience in knowledge in analyzing availability and reliability. Our expertise also covers optimizing maintenance and examining life cycle costs.

Risk Pilots service within Asset Management cover:

  • Process development
  • Availability analysis
  • Investment risk analysis
  • Project risk analysis
  • Maintenance optimization (RCM, RPM, LCC)
  • Life time extension

Examples of standards used:

  • ISO 55000
  • PAS 55



Quality Management is a prerequisite in creating an organization that can constantly deliver to the agreed levels of quality within the contracted timeframe.

Quality Management has four main components: planning, quality assurance, quality control and process improvement. Drawing on its experience from the nuclear power industry as well as process industries, Risk Pilot has a deep understanding of Quality Management.

The depth of our knowledge and experience spans the following standards:

  • General
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14000
  • Nuclear power
    • ASME NQA-1
    • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
    • 10 CFR Part 21
    • IAEA GS-R-3

Risk Pilot’s service within Quality Management include:

  • Implementation of quality management systems
  • Auditing customer or supplier operations
  • Reception control
  • Support for FAT/SAT



Carefully planned and well-implemented project management is key to a successful outcome.

At Risk Pilot we have experienced managers to lead and/or support both large and small projects.

Risk Pilot has developed its own methodology for project management based on ISO 21500, which acknowledges the nuclear industry’s call for traceability and high quality. We realise that in many cases customers want to use their own specific project management methods and we are more than happy to accommodate/adopt these.

An important part of project management is continuous risk analysis. This identifies project-critical activities and milestones to ensure that there are measures in place to minimize or eliminate risk.

Experience has shown us that the following are critical to the successful completion of a project:

  • Identification and clarification of goals and limitations
  • Realistic time-line and budget
  • Ensuring availability of key personnel and sufficient resources
  • Identification of key players both involved in and on the periphery of the project and coordinating these resources
  • Problem identification and solutions
  • Decision follow-up
  • Quality assurance

Risk Pilots services within Project Management include:

  • Project management
  • Project administration
  • Risk analysis
  • Control procedures and communication  



Human Factors is all about knowledge of people, technology and organizations and its interactions and interrelations. It takes into account people’s qualifications as well as their limitations in the systems they operate.

We apply our knowledge in every phase of a system’s life cycle: design and build, operation, maintenance and ultimate disposal. In addition, we also offer our services to help coordinate all the Human Factors aspects of our assignments to support the project manager.

We use established standards and guides. For example, for work in the nuclear power industry we follow NUREG 0711 and NUREG 0700 to review human factors engineering.

Risk Pilot’s services within Human Factors include:

  • Control room design (human-system interface design)
  • Procedure design and analysis
  • Safety culture
  • Operating experience feedback
  • OSA (Organizational Safety Analysis)
  • Incident inquiries
  • HRA (Human Reliability Analysis)
  • Human Performance Tools
  • Planning for incidents and emergencies