Risk Pilot contributed to the transformation of tomorrow’s energy system by participating at the Converging Energy Technologies held at the Forum conference center in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The conference focused on the role of Small Modular Reactors in future energy systems and its convergence with renewables, hydrogen production and CO2 storage. Many of the major stakeholders of Europe and North America participated at the conference, both vendors, investors and authorities. The need and urgency of expanding the nuclear energy capacity world wide in order to reach net zero emissions in 2050 consistent with the 1.5C IPCC global warming goal, came very clear during the conference. The technological and financial solutions for small light-water reactors are already in place and the industry holds a large optimism of nuclear technology´s future contribution. Although some countries still have large obstacles to overcome, mainly concerning licensing of new reactors, it is clear that a new era of nuclear energy already have started with more than 20 new build projects in Europe and several new builds of light-water SMRs in North America. The need to see nuclear energy and renewables as complementary parts of a future energy system, and not as opposing alternatives, was stressed several times during the conference, both for electricity production and for industrial decarbonization. The net zero emission goal will be very hard to meet, but to have any chance at all, we at Risk Pilot are convinced that nuclear technology in general, and SMRs in particular, must play a major role.

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15 september, 2023

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Risk Pilot välkomnar vår nya medarbetare Clarie Blackett.
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